Undead Drive Game

Undead Drive Game

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Gear up for a thrilling ride in Undead Drive, where you'll navigate through streets teeming with ravenous zombies! Your mission: reach the finish line at all costs. Crush zombies under your wheels and collect crates to earn cash. Use your hard-earned money to upgrade your car with powerful equipment that will help you mow down even more zombies. But be careful—zombies can attack and destroy your car, so keep your eyes peeled and choose your path wisely to avoid getting stuck. Are you ready to unleash havoc on the undead and survive the apocalypse? Jump into Undead Drive and let the zombie-crushing fun begin!

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How to Play Undead Drive Game

Use Arrows or WASD to drive.

What is a Zombie or Zombies

A zombie is a fictional undead creature regularly encountered in horror and fantasy themed works. A zombie is typically depicted as mindless, reanimated corpse with a hunger for human flesh, and particularly for human brains in some depictions. Although zombies share their name and some superficial similarities with the zombie from Haitian Vodun, their links to such folklore are unclear. Many consider George A. Romero's seminal film Night of the Living Dead to be the progenitor of these zombie creatures. Zombies are a popular theme for video games, particularly of, but not limited to, the survival horror, first person shooter and role playing online game genres. Early platforms to feature zombie games included the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, which featured a zombie game entitled Zombies Ate My Neighbors that was produced in 1993. Outside of zombie games, zombies frequently appear in trading card games, and also in some board games.