Crazy Chase Game

Crazy Chase Game

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Crazy Chase is the top-down driving game developed by FreezeNova. In which you are in control of a super speedy car on the run from the cops. You must avoid getting captured by the police whilst collecting coins on your travels. Collecting these coins will give you money to spend on even faster cars that will leave the police in your dust. The game is simple don't get caught! If the police crash into you they will take damage from your health which will eventually cause you to fail. Use your ultimate driving skills and mouth-dropping maneuvers to avoid being hit. The longer you last, the higher your score will be. Good Luck!

11,325 play times

How to Play Crazy Chase Game

AD or left/right arrow to steer, and Esc key to pause.

What is a Car Chase or Pursuit?

The definition of a car chase is the vehicular pursuit of suspects by law enforcers. In other words the cops are chasing bad guys using their police car. The pursuit video footage recorded by police cars and police and media helicopters participating in the car chase, allows us to capture car chases on film and broadcast. The car chases are a popular subject with media and audiences due to their intensity and drama and the innate danger of high speed driving.

Crazy Chase Game Walkthrough: