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The fun misc web game genre

The quick and easy definition is a web game genre where online games are categories in, and this kind of online game doesn't really fit into to any other genre on the given website, or they might fit into several genres. It could also mean the games are made up by a variety of game play features, and are concerned with diverse subjects or aspects.

What does misc or miscellaneous mean?

Misc is an abbreviation for miscellaneous. Miscellaneous means something is made up of a variety of parts or ingredients, and having a variety of characteristics, abilities, or appearances. It could also mean it is concerned with diverse subjects or aspects. Miscellaneous implies a varied, often haphazard combination, i.e. is selling postcards and misc novelties. Miscellaneous consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds, such as an arrangement of assorted spring flowers. Misc could also be an abbreviation for Minimal Instruction Set Computer or Misc is a processor architecture with a very small number of basic operations and corresponding opcodes. Such instruction sets are commonly stack based rather than register based to reduce the size of operand specifiers. Probably the most commercially successful Misc was the INMOS transputer. Misc could also be an abbrevation for The Moi International Sports Centre or Misc, which is a multi purpose stadium in Kasarani, Kenya. It was built in 1987. There is also a magazine called Misc. Misc magazine is a quarterly review of innovation and design thinking in business and culture. Published by Idea Couture, Misc embodies the speed, intellectual depth and emotional intensity of a world.