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How do you know if your car needs a tune up?

A tuneup needs to be done every 25,000-30,000 miles, or you will lose power, burn more gas, fail emissions tests, maybe ruin your catalytic converter because of the poorly burned fuel going through it and have it die on you unexpectedly. It takes time but if you had driven the car long enough you will know, the idling speed and sound may be coarse and when driving the performance is not as good as say few weeks back.

Perform a Basic Tune up for your Car

Basic car maintenance is necessary to ensure that your car is in good running condition. In addition to this, maintaining the vehicle prevents additional damages that might cause you to spend more on major repairs as well as parts replacements. In case you are financing an expensive or cheap new car through a bad credit auto finance and the premiums involved are higher, basic maintenance can also help minimize your overall expenses by preventing major car engine breakdown. There are few tune up you can easily do yourself. One of the most important things to do when doing the basic tune up for your expensive or cheap new car is to replace its fuel filter. The spark plugs of the car should also be checked and replaced when needed. Finally, you also need to make sure that your car gets regular change oil. You can change the oil every 3,000 miles. When you do this, check the air filter and try to clean it to ensure better performance. Change the air filter after every 15000 miles.

More power in your car don't need to be very expensive

Engine tuning is the adjustment, modification of the internal combustion engine or modification to its control unit, otherwise known as its ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is performed to yield optimal performance, to increase an engine's power output, economy, or durability. This a is a lot cheaper than for instance by a new engine or a new car with a larger engine.