Angela Car Cleaning Game

Angela Car Cleaning Game

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Rev your engines for the ultimate cleanup adventure with Angela Car Cleaning - an electrifying HTML5 game that's ready to dazzle players on Safari and Chrome browsers. Feel the thrill on your smartphone or tablet, whether it's an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android device, or Windows Phone - the excitement awaits! Angela's car is in dire need of rescue, buried under layers of mud and grime. Are you up for the challenge to transform it into a sparkling masterpiece? Dive into action by unleashing your cleaning prowess to scrub away the dirt and give Angela's ride the makeover of a lifetime! Get ready for a sudsy, high-octane joyride as you lather, rinse, and decorate the car with flair. Let your imagination run wild and have an absolute blast turning Angela's car into the envy of the road!

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How to Play Angela Car Cleaning Game

Use your mouse on non-touch computers or your finger on touch screen devices.

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