German in Mad City Game

German in Mad City Game

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Welcome to Munich, Germany. Your adventure begins today. Can you overcome the hardships in the city and become the most feared guy in this GTA-style game made by Extreme Games?

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How to Play German in Mad City Game

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move or drive. Number keys to switch weapons. LMB to shoot. Space bar to jump. E key to interact, and P to pause the game.

The Story about Herman Lobowski

The protagonist is Herman Lobowski, a former college professor who taught cooking at the Munich Culinary College, until he was forced to leave his hometown for personal reasons. From that moment he spent many hours at the computer in the library, creating unique recipes of famous German sausages, which are adored all over the world. The plot begins with the moment when Herman finally returns home, where he meets his childhood friend Klaus, with whom they went through many adventures. This time was no exception, right at the airport the main character and his friend were attacked by unknown people. How will this end? Race? Shootings? Adventure? Robberies of shops? All this you can find out in the new unique game, German in Mad City! Have fun.