Bakery Delivery Simulator Game

Bakery Delivery Simulator Game

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Welcome to the Bakery Delivery Simulator Game, where the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked goods meets the thrill of fast-paced delivery challenges! Your mission? Navigate bustling streets and winding alleys, using five unique delivery vehicles to ferry delectable orders to buffets and cozy cafes, all against the ticking clock. Earn points for swift and accurate deliveries, unlocking an array of new vehicles with your accumulated rewards. From zippy bicycles to robust vans, each ride brings its own flavor to the table. Get ready to indulge in an endless cycle of excitement, upgrading vehicles and savoring the joy of delivering baked delights across the town!

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How to Play Bakery Delivery Simulator Game

Vehicle Controls: W-A-S-D Change Camera: C Vehicle Lamb: L Right Signal: E Left Signal: Q Quad Lamb: Z

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