Semi Driver Game

Semi Driver Game

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to drive a huge semi-truck? Semi driver puts you firmly in the driver's seat and lets you try your hand at truck driving and parking. You may think you have skills behind the wheel, but do you have what it takes to park a 45ft long trailer perfectly without crashing? Semi Driver is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.

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How to Play Semi Driver Game

The controls are simple – use your WASD keys to move the vehicle. If you want to reverse you can simply change the driving mode on screen (you still have to accelerate to reverse though). Each level presents a different 3D cityscape that you must navigate – drive by cars, buildings and other vehicles until you reach your final destination. Follow the yellow arrow in the top left corner and try to park your truck in the designated space. This game may look easy, but it is much harder than you think. Can you become a successful semi driver?

Why are Tractor-Trailers or Big-Rigs referred to as a Semi?

A Semi-Trailer Truck consists of a tractor and a half-trailer, which only has wheels toward the end, rear, or back of the trailer itself, while the front part is hitched up and being held up by the tractor or large diesel engine that pulls it. The word Semi is just short for all this. Knowing this information and thinking about it while you are riding down the Interstate and you pass one of these loud and powerful locomotive like machines, one might begin to notice that many, including 18-Wheelers, do in fact have wheels on the front end of the trailer that they are pulling. This leads to the question asking if these should be called a Semi? You can find some differing answers to this if you go to Fun Trivia. In the past year or so, I have noticed some beautiful new and stylish looking Tractors on the road. Online you can find a game like euro simulator 2, some images, ram stats, or some of the best wiki facts about them.