Crazy Racing Master Game

Crazy Racing Master Game

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Crazy Racing Master is an online HTML5 game playable in browsers such as safari and chrome. The annual Tour de France car racing race is about to begin. The purpose of this race is friendship first and race second. It is worth noting that the track of this race is set high in the sky. The most dangerous and exciting track in the race. As a professional F1 driver, you are regarded as the biggest winner of this race. You have the opportunity to control the direction of the car on each map. You need to pay attention to the race. There is no guardrail on the road. If you do not control the direction of the car, then you are very likely to rush out of the track and lose the qualification to continue to participate in the race. Are you ready?

11,245 play times

How to Play Crazy Racing Master Game

Use your mouse our finger to slide the car to steer. It speeds up automatic.

Crazy Racing Master Game Walkthrough: