Transporter Hot Pursuit Game

Transporter Hot Pursuit Game

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Transporter Hot Pursuit is a fast-paced driving game in which you are behind the wheel of a streetcar, and you are trying to get away from the police. Do not expect to escape them easily; the city is throwing every single police enforcer they have at you as they are determined to throw you in jail. Do not let this happen, use your ultimate driving skills to get away from the surrounding officers. User your knowledge of the streets to advantage too as you make tight turns around bends to create distance between you and the nearest cop car. If they get too close, you can always use the nitro boost to reach radical straight line speeds. Have fun!

14,500 play times

How to Play Transporter Hot Pursuit Game

WASD or arrows keys to drive. Space bar to activate the handbrake. F key for Nitro. R to repair vehicle. C to change camera. Mini-map: use it to find the nearest gas station to refuel your tank.