Police Pursuit 2 Game

Police Pursuit 2 Game

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Embark on the duty-bound journey through the urban thoroughfares with Police Pursuit 2, a meticulously crafted 3D action/driving game placing you in the role of a dedicated police officer patrolling the streets of a finely detailed cityscape. Take command in high-speed pursuits, apprehend fugitives, and execute daring stunts that can be meticulously scrutinized at any moment, observed from a vantage point of your choosing. As a sworn guardian of the law, navigate the bustling city with precision, employing strategic maneuvers to bring justice to its core. In this immersive experience, fulfill your duty with valor, enforcing order in the relentless pursuit of those who defy the law.

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How to Play Police Pursuit 2 Game

Use WASD keys to drive the car.

Police Pursuit 2 Game Walkthrough: