Police Highway Chase Game

Police Highway Chase Game

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Seize the wheel of awe-inspiring police cars amidst an expansive, adrenaline-charged driving playground, beckoning exploration in every direction. Immerse yourself in a colossal landscape featuring a bustling metropolis, dense forests, winding canyons, towering hills, and majestic mountains – a staggering 16 km² of sheer action-packed territory, interwoven with 30 km of roads to conquer! As the enforcer of justice, navigate the entire cityscape with unparalleled speed and precision. Engage in high-speed pursuits through urban sprawls, tear through dense forests, conquer treacherous canyons, climb heart-stopping hills, and dominate towering mountains. It's a relentless 360-degree challenge, where every turn and stretch of road presents a new frontier. Your mission: reign in the chaos, apprehend the offenders, and assert law and order across this sprawling, dynamic landscape. The ultimate test of skill and speed awaits – are you up for the challenge?

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How to Play Police Highway Chase Game

Control the car with your keyboard and chase bad drivers.

Police Highway Chase Game Walkthrough: