Oil Tanker Big Rig Game

Oil Tanker Big Rig Game

Oil Tanker Big Rig Game Online - Play Fun Big Rig Web Games

Rev up your enthusiasm as you take on the thrilling challenge of driving an off-road tanker, transporting valuable cargo or luggage to their eagerly awaited destinations! Become the ultimate courier as you embark on deliveries using either a common carrier or a specialized Tanker Pack. Load up your container with precious cargo, and get ready for an adventure filled with completely authentic missions. The exhilarating world of tanker simulation awaits, promising you a hands-on experience like never before. Gear up for the ride of a lifetime and dive into the excitement of delivering goods with passion and precision!

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How to Play Oil Tanker Big Rig Game

Use your mouse or tap the screen on the icons on the sides. You can also use the arrow keys to steer your large oil tanker truck.