Offroad Police Transport Game

Offroad Police Transport Game

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Prepare to embark on a wild and thrilling adventure with Offroad Police Transport! Buckle up as you navigate through rugged offroad terrain, commanding a fleet of diverse vehicles on winding tracks to transport essential goods across sprawling landscapes. In a bustling city clamoring for sustenance, medical supplies, and vital resources, the fate of its inhabitants rests upon your capable shoulders. As the sole entrusted individual responsible for this critical task, you're tasked with the monumental challenge of ensuring the timely and safe delivery of these life-saving provisions throughout the city. It's a high-stakes journey where every bump, every turn, and every delivery defines the destiny of those relying on your expertise. Can you conquer the unpredictable offroad paths, surmount obstacles, and deliver hope to the waiting city dwellers with unwavering resolve?

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How to Play Offroad Police Transport Game

Arrow Keys/ASWD - Control the movement of vehicles, Shift Key - Start & fly-up the Helicopter, ASWD - Control the movement of Helicopter and Spacebar - Vehicle brake & fly down.You get to drive different vehicles in each mission. Experience challenging uphill twisted track to drive in complete 3D environment. Police vehicles and heavy trucks to drive. This free online game also offers realistic graphics with awesome music.