Moon City Stunt Game

Moon City Stunt Game

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Embark on an extraterrestrial odyssey with Moon City Stunt, a cosmic adventure that propels us into the lunar landscapes of a future era! Engage in a race against the clock, unlocking an array of five futuristic vehicles to conquer five mind-bending stunt routes. Explore the vast lunar expanse in Free Driving mode, where you can test your vehicle's mettle and traverse the Moon's surface at your own pace. Experience a gravity-defying spectacle with unique stunts that include spiral roads, teleportation points, space football, and even a cosmic game of space bowling! Delve into the extraordinary by manipulating gravity controls through the Gravity System integrated into your vehicles, showcasing your prowess on the lunar terrain. This is not just a race; it's a gravity-bending, spacefaring thrill that challenges your skills and takes the concept of stunt driving to an otherworldly level. Take command of the Moon's surface and redefine the limits of cosmic car mastery in Moon City Stunt!

10,100 play times

How to Play Moon City Stunt Game

Use the arrow keys to drive. Spacebar for the handbrake and N key to active the nitro.