Mayhem Racing Game

Mayhem Racing Game

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Gear up and get ready to tackle the ultimate challenge in Mayhem Racing! Face a line of treacherous obstacles head-on as you navigate each twist and turn with pinpoint precision, ensuring you never fall behind. Whether you're a lone wolf or prefer the thrill of competition with friends, this game has you covered. Play solo and test your skills, or team up with a buddy for some intense 2-player action, splitting the screen and doubling the fun! Race against the clock in 4 different cars across 5 thrilling 3D tracks that will take you from scenic mountains to dusty deserts, industrial zones, and rugged fields. Once you're feeling confident, dive into single-player mode, or grab a friend for a local 2-player showdown and earn those bragging rights! Are you up for the challenge?

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How to Play Mayhem Racing Game

Player 1: Use arrow keys. H key to respawn. Player 2: Use WASD keys. C key to respawn. P key will pause the game. L key will lock the mouse cursor.

What is Mayhem

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