Mayhem Racing Game

Mayhem Racing Game

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There is a long line ahead of you and all the dangerous obstacles. Get down on the track and try to be as precise as possible in every turn, let it not happen that you are unnecessarily delayed.You can play the game in solo mode or go with your friends from the same keyboard and play it in 2 player mode. Split the screen and split the fun and the adrenaline while you race 4 different cars in 5 intense and awesome 3D track levels. The beautiful levels will take you to the mountains, in the desert, industrial zone and rocky fields. Once you are confident jump into a single player race or if you are feeling really confident grab a friend and play local 2-player to really win bragging rights. Enjoy!

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How to Play Mayhem Racing Game

Player 1: Use arrow keys. H key to respawn. Player 2: Use WASD keys. C key to respawn. P key will pause the game. L key will lock the mouse cursor.

What is Mayhem

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