Parking Meister Game

Parking Meister Game

Parking Meister Game - Play Free Parking Games Online

Put your car parking skills to the test. Can you park your car in these spots? You'll have to use your reversing skills to avoid hitting anything. Enjoy this addicting parking game which you can play for free on our website.

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How to Play Parking Meister Game

Use your arrow keys to interact in this free online game.

Parking for dummies

Parking is the act of stopping and disengaging a vehicle and leaving it unoccupied. Parking on one or both sides of a road is often permitted, though sometimes with restrictions. Parking facilities are often constructed in combination with some buildings, to facilitate the coming and going of the buildings' users. Parking facilities include indoor and outdoor private property belonging to a house, the side of the road where metered or laid out for such use, a parking lot (North American English) or car park (British English), indoor and outdoor multi-level structures, shared underground parking facilities, and facilities for particular modes of vehicle such as dedicated structures for cycle parking.