Super 8 Race Game

Super 8 Race Game

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Super 8 Race is an online html5 game. Time to have a competition, it's a one on one battle, you will drive the blue car and compare with the red car, the schedule will last 4 laps, you will win only if you hit the final line on the fourth lap first, you can use the curve to overtake the other car, but notice not to crash on the walls and the other car, that would slow your speed immediately. A good driver would be steady and calm while driving, hope you can succeed. There are 4 levels for you to challenge. Can you win all the levels and become the champion? Good luck and have fun!

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How to Play Super 8 Race Game

Use the arrow keys to drive. On touch screen devices you can touch the arrows on the left side to steer. Touch he R button to reverse, and the Gas button to give your car some speed.