Car Take Off Game

Car Take Off Game

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Get ready to soar into an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Car Take Off - an exhilarating driving game that'll test the limits of your skills behind the wheel! Brace yourself for a thrill ride like no other, where every turn, every acceleration, and every obstacle encountered will push your driving abilities to the edge. This game isn't just about cruising; it's a heart-racing challenge designed to put your driving prowess to the ultimate test! If you're seeking a pulse-pounding experience to prove your mettle on the road, look no further - Car Take Off is the perfect playground for you to showcase your driving finesse. Buckle up and get ready to launch into an epic driving escapade that'll keep you on the edge of your seat!

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How to Play Car Take Off Game

Drag mouse to turn, or use left and right arrow key.

Professional Drifting - Loose Traction and Maintain Control

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver purposefully or accidentally over-steers, causing the rear wheels or all tires to lose traction while still maintaining control from the beginning to the end of a turn. A car is considered to be drifting when the rear slip angle (how much the rear tires' direction differs from the front tires') is greater than the front slip angle. This often results in the front wheels pointing in the opposite direction of the turn - like the car is turning left, but the wheels are pointing right, or vice versa. Professional drifting competitions, as a motorsport, happen worldwide. These competitions judge drivers based on their speed, angle of drift, showmanship, and the path they take through a corner or series of corners.

Why drifting is bad for your car

Drifting does most of each damage on the tires, not on the car. On dirt and similar surfaces it's not too bad, off-course assuming you don't ram into anything, but if you do it regularly on cement your tires will grow bald as a cue ball pretty quickly. Axels, ball joints, struts, and tires all take wear when you drift your car.