Street Wheels 2 Game

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Street Wheels is finally back. The sequel has new cities and more cars with the same addicting driving action. Once again you get to choose your driver, your car and drive across streets full of expertise opponents. On the street you will find bonuses that will make you charge the batteries. With a fresh set of batteries you can easily add an over-boost. You get 180 seconds to finish a track, less time you used, more points you get. Each time you overtake an opponent, you win 100 bonus points, but if you are overtaken by them, you will lose points as well. The total of the best score of the three tracks will be your final score. Have Fun!

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How to play Street Wheels 2 game online

Use your arrow keys to steer, brake and accelerate. Press shift key to activate a nitro boost that will last you 3 seconds.

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