City Racers

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City Racers Game Online - Play Free City Racing Flash Games

Try to win every race, choose the race car that fits best your driving style. Each race car has it's strengths and weaknesses. The yellow car maybe the slowest but it has the best handling, ideal for those tight corners. Have Fun!

Play City Racers game online for free today

Do you live in the city and like racing, and do you also think it is fun to play a free browser flash game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the free City Racers game online.

How to play City Racers online

Use arrow keys to drive your car, and space bar for the nitro boost. Choose between three race options. The Championships consist of series of races, and you have to get to the first place to advance to the next race. The Challenge is a quick race along a single track. The last option is Trial in which you just race against the time.

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