Skilled Parker Game

Skilled Parker Game Online - Play Free Car Parking Web Games

Do you consider yourself do be a skilled car parker, and do enjoy to play free web games? Then you will surely enjoy the Skilled Parker game. You have 60 seconds to park your car perfectly into the parking slot. If you hit other cars then your car will take damages. Have Fun!

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How to play Skilled Parker game online

Use the up arrow to move forward, the down arrow to move in reverse, and the right/left arrows to steer.

How to improve your parking skills?

The best way is practice. Just do it over and over again. You should go to a parking lot at night and do it between cones if you have to. The anxiety makes it a lot worse, just make yourself do this as much as possible and you'll find the anxiety will disappear, too. Think of some part of driving that you are good at, and realize that you'll get better at this with practice, too.

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