London Cabbie Game

Play London Cabbie Online - Free London Cab Parking Web Game

In this popular free online game you take on the role as a London cabbie, and your task is to drive a cab around the street of London, parking and picking up passengers. You will have to follow the arrows without crashing your cab. Have Fun!

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How to play the London Cabbie game online

Drive your cab with the arrow keys when you play this free online game. Press space bar to brake hard. Press the H key to honk your horn. Get out of the vehicle with the CTRL key.

The original London Cabbie Game

The original London Cabbie Game or Cabbie is a board game in which players drive a cab through the streets of London to collect fares. It was designed by David Drakes and first published by Intellect Games in 1971. The board shows a map of the major streets of central London. The game is on display at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. In the London Cabbie game there are no dice. Up to six players take turns moving first one, then up to two, of the player's own cab. Cab colors are green, yellow, blue, black, brown, red. Each player may move a cab 20 spaces per turn. A draw of a passenger card determines where the fare is to be picked up. The board shows a map of central London which shows the one-way roads and simulates traffic jams. A draw of a card determines the destination of the passenger. The fare is listed on a chart on the game board itself; cabbie is also entitled to pick up a tip card when the trip is completed. Tips range from generous to zippo. The strategy of this game is to decide which fares would be most lucrative and most efficient.

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