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The Monster Stunts show is crashing into a town near you! Be amazed as you witness life threatening stunts, performed at high speeds, across all types of dangerous terrain, in a beast made from scrap metal known as the Monster Truck. One of the most popular online games available, it can be played for free at GreatWebGames. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Monster Stunts game online

Use Up arrow to accelerate. Down arrow to brake and reverse. Left and right arrows to steer your monster truck.

Monster Stunts is another cool motorsports game from Miniclip

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The modern monster trucks

A modern monster truck is more of a scaled up, four wheel drive dune buggy. As such, the trucks generally are not actual trucks and only maintain their name due to the common style of fiberglass bodies used on the vehicles. Monster Trucks now have custom built tubular chassis, with four-link suspensions to provide up to 4-feet of clearance. The monster trucks have many safety features, several required just to run in the small arenas that the trucks frequent. Many trucks are constructed with the driver sitting in the center of the cab for visibility.

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