Buggy Run 2

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Once again you are the saboteur on the buggy. You will need to plant the bomb and run away as fast as you can! You will need to reach the flag before the bomb detonates or you and your buggy is blown to bits! Make sure to mind the minds, and remember that your buggy can be repaired when you get bonus. Need more motivation? How about assault helicopters and land mines? AND a time bomb. Drive for your frostbitten life, dude!

Play Buggy Run game online for free today

Would you like driving a buggy, and do you also like to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play our Buggy Run game online for free.

How to play the free Buggy Run game online

Use Up and Down arrows for driving forward and backwards, Left and Right arrows for controls in the air, and Space to jump.

What kind of vehicle is a buggy

A Buggy is generally used to refer to any lightweight automobile with off road capabilities and sparse bodywork. Most are built either as a kit car or from scratch. The term was originally used to describe very lightweight horse drawn wagons for one or two persons, the term was extended to lightweight automobiles as they became popular. As automobiles became increasingly sophisticated, the term briefly dropped out of use before being revived to describe more specialised off road vehicles.

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