Bike Stunts Game

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The object of the Bike Stunts flash game perform and earn points! In Bike Stunts you get points for each stunt you do. So, ride your motorbike down the street, jump off ramps and perform some crazy cool stunt biking tricks. Show the best you can do with your dirtbike. In this free flash game you have only 3 minutes for your crazy stunt bike show. Have fun, and see if you really are the best stunt biker.

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How to play Bike Stunts online

Use A, S, D to perform stunts, and Left & Right key to ride the motorbike. Space is Jump, and the up key performs a spin.

Bike stunts gone wrong

Sometimes bike stunts go wrong, just take a look online at Youtube. Go to Youtube and type in bike stunts gone wrong, and thousands of dirtbike, stuntbike, and motorbike videos will pop up in the results. These stunts are sometimes, just crazy insane, and other times just really cool. People get hurt, and people are having fun! Another cool place to look for bike stunts gone wrong videos is the entertainment website

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