Safari Racer Game

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Race for first place amongst four racers in this free online game. Four difficulty levels and a competitive cup with four tracks will keep you racing for a long time to come. In the Time trial mode race against the clock in a single race on any course. Then challenge others to beat your best time by uploading your time to the leader-board. Have fun!

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How to play the free Safari Racer game online

Use W,A,S,D to move the Jeep and spacebar and left mouse button to shoot.

What to Expect from a Safari in Africa

You can read as much as you want about going on a safari but nothing can 100 perecent prepare you for the real thing. It is important to save room in your bag for lots of camera equipment (a backup camera is a good idea, in case one breaks), batteries, lenses and so forth. Do, however, avoid bright colors (tsetse flies love blue for some reason). Khaki and tan are the way to go, even if they're not your colors. Of course you expect to see all sorts of animals in the wild. That's what a safari is all about. But you'll sometimes be mere feet away from elephants, zebras, lions, hippos and other game.

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