Driving by the Hillside Game

Driving by the Hillside Game Online - Play Free Jeep Web Games

Your aim in this free online game is to drive and survive a jeep through a hilly roads. The Driving by the Hillside game is all about utilizing your balancing skills. Try to complete each stage or level as fast as possible without losing your balance and crashing your Jeep. You get to enjoy 10 challenging levels. Have fun!

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How to play the free Driving by the Hillside game online

Use Up Arrow or "W" to Accelerate and Down Arrow or "S" to Break. Balance your car using Left, "A" and Right or "D".

A Jeep is better than a Hummer, and a symbol of freedom

Hummers are wide, heavy and expensive. Jeeps are not. Also Hummers are ugly, and Jeeps are not, they have been building them for 80 years and are still making them. The Jeep is smaller, gets better gas mileage, and has a far larger aftermarket support. Made in American, and proven helpful in fighting for what's right in this world. Jeep is truly a symbol of freedom.

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