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Do you like Jeeps, do you like to watch motorsports on TV, and do you also like to play a fun browser game online? Then you would love to play the free online Army Driver game. Sargent, your driving skills are required but also remember you have a rocket launcher and a machine gun. In this fun online game you need to shoot anything that moves or it will shoot you. Do not forget to avoid any mines on the road, as they will severely damage your Jeep. Have fun!

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How to play the free Army Driver game online

Use W,A,S,D to move the jeep and SPACE and left mouse button to shoot.

The use of Jeep in the Army

When German troops swept across western Europe and North Africa early in 1940, they did so with breathtaking speed. Determined to have its own fast, lightweight, all-terrain reconnaissance vehicle as quickly as possible, the U.S. Army put out a call to American automobile manufacturers for a running prototype for such a vehicle, and it insisted that it be presented in just forty-nine days. Bantam got the contract, and created the first prototype. Unfortunately for Bantam, however, its plans were government property. When the government called for new bids, Willys won the contract for 16,000 jeeps. Soon, Ford was also brought on board to fill the Army's voracious demand for new "jeeps." Unable to compete with Willys and Ford's vastly greater capacity, Bantam late in 1941, after building 2,675 jeeps, changed over to the manufacture of cargo trailers and other jeep accessories. American automakers built nearly 650,000 jeeps during World War II.

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