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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own Formula 1 team? Now your dream is reality. In this free online game you will mount your own Formula 1 team making decisions that will cater for defining your team success or failure. In Grand Prix Management, you are a driver manager of a team, and you have to ensure that they finish in one of the groups ranging from E to A. When you start off the game, you first task is to get a driver for the team. You have to hire one, and also get sponsorship for the team. To start off you can only get one of two drivers, so you have to study their statistics very well. They are classified according to their maximum speed, Acceleration, steering and braking. The next thing you have to do is go to the first race; when you are starting the race, you have to study the race conditions, such as the weather, so you know what kind of tires you are going to use. As the manager, when the game begins, you do not drive the car; your role is to look at the statistics on the right side of the game and decide how the driver should drive, and also when he should come into the pit stop. You should consider the damage to the car, the amount of fuel left, among other factors. You can ask him to drive aggressively to get to first position, and then defensively to keep that position; this is not always guaranteed, so you still have to keep on top of the charts. GrandPrix Management is a free online management game that is unlike any other in terms of game-play since the statistics pass by so fast and you have to keep your mind in the best form possible. It is a great game for people who want to train on quick decision making. Even when faced with a lot of data. This is the kind of information decision making that is done by computer geeks as they scan through hundreds if lines of code at the same time. Make your own racing strategy and win or lose based on your skills as a team leader of Formula 1. Have fun!

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How to play the free GrandPrix Management game online

The online GrandPrix Management game is controlled by mouse. There are plenty of instructions on how to play inside the game tutorials. Build and upgrade your car, hire or dismiss pilots, sign or cancel sponsorship contracts, decide how your pilot should drive and when your car should go to the pitstop.

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