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Great drifting racing game, sequel to the popular Drift Runners. This free online game has more. It's played from the top-down perspective, the better to see the track ahead and control your drifts to get lined up for the next one. You'll spend the majority of your time skidding around corners: the first track even has an achievement for drifting through an entire lap without hitting the walls. Drifts gain you points and speed boost energy. The points you score you can use for upgrading your car. 40 levels, 24 tracks, 80 achievements, 8 upgradeable cars. The early tracks are simple enough, but soon you'll find yourself having to rely on skill and timing your boosts perfectly to beat out your fellow drifters. So, get ready and put the pedal to the metal in this high speed racing game. Have fun!

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How to play the free Drift Runners 2 game online

Use the arrows or WASD keys to steer and accelerate, and X or the spacebar to activate your turbo when applicable.

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