Clutch Burn Game

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Choose one of four iconic Supercars, earn money, unlock achievements, purchase car upgrades. Boost, jump and drift your way to glory on one of four tracks - gravel, tarmac, ice and race in hell against the devil. This game will save your progress. Have fun!

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How to play the free Clutch Burn game online

Use arrow keys to drive and spacebar to boost.

It is very simple to burn the clutch

To burn your clutch all you have to do is ride the clutch, which is much like riding the brakes. Simply apply enough clutch to barely allow power from engine to be applied to transmission. You can easily tell when you are burning it, by the awful smell it makes. Go easy on the car until you have this down, you don't want to try to launch hard until you know what you're doing, the turbo has a lot of torque and you can trash the clutch easily if you're not careful.

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