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It is a lot cheaper and faster to pimp out a car in an online dressup game for guys, than in real life. In this game your task is quite simple, pimp out this muscle car, and when you are done tuning it up, print out an image. How cool can you make it look? Have fun!

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How to play the free Muscle Car Dressup game online

This cool web game is played with the mouse only.

A few Affordable Ways to Pimp Your Muscle Car

Let's start with the lights. The addition of HID light bulbs as replacement headlights is one relatively inexpensive way to customize your car. You can also add vanity plates, make sure to choose something cool. You should also consider buy custom license plate frames. How about the interior, why not change it by adding a theme or surprising color. Well, a pimped-out interior can cost thousands of dollars, but if you go with slipcovers and matching floor mats then you will be looking at about 100 bucks, and they are also easy to install. You can also get a steering wheel cover that is affordable. Other options are to tint the windows, add some cool decals, or some hot new wheels, but these will cost a little bit more.

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