Turkish Bus Driver Game

Turkish Bus Driver Game - Play Turkey City Bus Driving Games

A Turkish bus driver is a person who is driving buses professionally in Turkey. They typically drive their buses between bus stations or stops, and often drop off and pick up passengers on a predetermined route schedule. There are a lot of reckless, inattentive, unskilled, and emotional drivers in Turkey. When driving on highways the average Turkish driver ignore marked lanes, and often wander across several lanes, usually without using turn signals. Some people drive very slow an others are going at very high speed. So be careful, make sure to flash your headlights and/or honk your horn if you think they don't see you while driving. Center-line markings makes only sense in a perect world, when driving in Turkey it is recommended that you use good judgment rather than relying on those markings. Traffic sign and signals are sometimes observed, other times they're ignored, so you just have to figure out which. You play as a city bus driver in Turkey, and your task is to pick up the passengers through your line in a turkish city. Then you should drop the passengers through your line which location they want. While driving you can earn points if you conform traffic lambs and your line. Be careful the police when you pick up more passengers to your city bus. In this situation you can want the passengers for falling down. If you are good at what you are doing, then you can the best Turkish bus driver in the city. Have fun!

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How to play the Turkish City Bus Driver game online

First use your mouse to choose whether you want to play this game in English or Turkish. Use arrows for movement, Fall down the passengers with E key, and use spacebar for your Handbrake.

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