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This online games is based upon a real bus travel agency in Denmark. Gislev Travel was founded in 1946 by Poul Andersen, who bought the local small buses. These days Gislev Travel one of the largest travel agencies. Approximately 400,000 people are reading Gislev Travels catalogs, and many come with input and ideas. You can choose from tours, cruises, classic trips, city breaks, active holidays and music tours. Gislev bus journeys undertaken only with 4 - or 5-star coaches. In fact, Gislev Travel first with 5-star coach travel, which makes your trip a true luxury experience. You get extra legroom, air conditioning, tilt seats, footrests and good tables. The tour leader services and informs the way of sights, journey time course and breaks. The drivers are experienced from Europe's roads, and every bus always looks clean and tidy. Your task is to drive a bus of tourists capturing all the tourist stamps you see on the road without bumping against other vehicles. Have fun!

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How to play the free Gislev Tour game online

Use your arrow keys to drive the bus, don't crash into stuff, as too many hits will finally make your bus break down.

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