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Autonomous vehicles, levitating trains and supersonic tubes have all been suggested as radical ways to transport us faster as the new urban age approaches, but it seems the real secret to a faster commute has been with us all along, the Brazilian bus. Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) systems are paving the way for sustainable, efficient, and affordable travel and now operate in a few hundred cities worldwide. But they're not just your regular bus service. Exclusive bus lanes dominate the center of brazilian roads, prepaid tickets prevent delays when boarding and raised platforms at bus stops make you level with the bus floor to get on. Thirty-three cities in Brazil now host a BRT, as well as a further 26 across the rest of Latin America. The Brazilian approach is setting the example for the field but has its own social challenges to overcome with its users. One of the main goals of these systems is to remove the social snobbery associated with taking the bus by offering a faster service that people can't refuse. In this online flash game you have to drive a Brazilian bus and travel routes from Latin America to reach the stadiums where the Soccer World Cup will be played. Have fun!

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How to play the free Brazilian Bus game online

Use your arrow keys to drive the bus, don't crash into cars, as too many hits will finally make your bus break down.

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