Uphill Rush Game

Uphill Rush Game Online - Play Free Uphill Rush Web Game

This is a web game where you can try your reflexes. First, choose whether you want to ride a bike, truck, quad, or skateboard. You have to pass races in single mode for limited time and VS mode for first place and open next races. Gain 7 stars to increase your live for one more, and make 360 to gain turbo. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Uphill Rush game online

Use the keyboard arrows for controlling your vehicle, the spacebar is used for jumps, Z key for Turbo, M to toggle the minimap, and P to pause the online game.

Why does your vehicle slow down while going uphill

This all boils down to Gravity. Your vehicle is heavy and doesn't want to move, so you must accelerate to make your vehicle go uphill. If a vehicle is going downhill, then there is no need to accelerate, but you might want to push the brake a little to prevent it from going too fast.

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