Quad Trials Game

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Get ready for some trails! The Quad Trails game is finally here, jump onto your quad and see if you can get past all the difficult objects in each level. Make sure you don't forget to use the jump button as it really does come in handy for those gaps you can't seem to land or those bits of tree you just can't manage to get enough grip on. Can you complete all 5 trials? Find out now in Quad Trails! Have Fun!!

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How to play the free Quad Trials game online

Drive with the arrow keys and use the spacebar to jump in this web game.

The Best Sports Quad for Riding on Trails

A lot of people consider the Honda 400EX quad to be the best for riding trails, hands down. It is considered to be the most reliable, easiest to handle, and also has the best parts availablity. What is so great about the Honda is that it can take good beating and it will still just keep going. With a machine like that you can run through hell and back and it will still keep going, it is just amazing. You can also use this quad for a race but it is a lot better on trails.

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