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Space Truck is reaching the limits of space adventure, Going deeper than anybody has ever gone before, going into the unknown, we have reached a new mystery planet, and have found some rare stone which alien life forms seam to like, they have stopped us from returning to earth and the only way to get back is deliver this rare stone to them and meet the demands, this is our only hope of survival Space Commander, So this is your mission if you choose to accept it. In this free online game you need to watch out not to drive too fast in the bumpy space landscape, because you don't want to lose your cargo. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Space Truck game online

Use Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to accelerate, Enter to reset level, and P to pause.

The First Truck used in Space

Searching Google for the first truck in space the first thing I see is a ad for Chevy Silverado trucks, a little further down the list I see Toyota mentioned ones. But, not a word about Ford, Dodge or Nissan. Known for its spaciousness, the Cheverolet Silverado is considered one of the best trucks on market, and is known for its long-term reliability and its ability to last under severe operating conditions. So, Google might be right afterall a modified Chevy Silverado will be the first pickup truck that is sent to work in space. The future will tell.

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