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There are several free online Police Chasing Bad Guys Games, the Police Pursuit Game is one of the most popular. We recommend that you play this Police Pursuit Game online on our website right now, just buckle up and put the pedal to the metal. The cops are after you, and you need to do your best to get rid of them. Use your driving skills to the max and try to keep your car on the road until they give up. After you beat the cops, follow the arrow on the screen and take your car to the indicated area and get the reward promised by your boss. Have Fun!

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How to play the free Police Pursuit game online

Use the arrow keys to drive your car.

What is a Car Chase or Pursuit?

The definition of a car chase is the vehicular pursuit of suspects by law enforcers. In other words the cops are chasing bad guys using their police car. The pursuit video footage recorded by police cars and police and media helicopters participating in the car chase, allows us to capture car chases on film and broadcast. The car chases are a popular subject with media and audiences due to their intensity and drama and the innate danger of high speed driving.

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