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In this free online game you're on the freeway, driving your car and you're in a hurry. The freeway is crowded, all the idiot drivers are driving slow, but you have to speed it up. The only solution is to unleash your fury. Climb to your car's roof for some fresh air. And hijack a ride from another car while you're at it. You will gain nitro boost by jumping onto other cars, drive into oncoming traffic just for the thrill of it, and do a variety of other crazy stunts. Only thing you can't do is brake. But why would you want to do that? In this free online game you need to reach the check points before your time is up. Freeway Fury offers car crashing, jumping, action packed madness. The mission of the Freeway Fury game is to do crazy stunts, earn points and nitro. The larger the car the more it can handle, why not use hijack a semi and crash up a couple cars? You can have a lot fun on this website when you play Freeway Fury!

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How to play Freeway Fury game online

Use the left and right arrow driving your vehicle on the freeway. Use down arrow to jump on the roof, and left or right arrow to hi-jack the car or truck next to you. Make sure not to fall of the roof and down on the freeway, because then you probably will be ran over, and will see bloody mess. As you hit the other idiots driving their vehicles down the freeway, you will gain nitro. Use the up arrow key to use your nitro boost, remember you need to get to the next check point before the time runs out.

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