Danger Wheels

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Danger Wheels Game Online - Play Free Auto Car Web Game

Play this addictive online game, where you have to drive your red car through various challenging levels and blow up the enemy's car before it destroy you. Stay away from bombs either dropped by you or enemy as they are timed. Try to place the bomb where you feel opponent's car will move. Also grab all the power ups, extra speed and bonuses throughout the Danger Wheels game. Have Fun!

Play Danger Wheels game for free online today

Do you like feel the thrill of some danger while driving a car online, and do you also like to play free online games? If you are in the same mood as us today, you probably would like to play the Danger Wheels web game for free online.

How to play the Danger Wheels car game online

Drive your car with the arrow keys, and drop the bomb using space bar.

Danger Wheels - Let's you get jiggy with your girl

Get jiggy with your girl as you blow away these trucks. At least, that's what the music makes you feel like doing. Can you knock out the other auto before he gets you? Play the Danger Wheels Game online for free. The Danger Wheels game is for assured drivers. Huge tires cannot be burst you accept to drive about them. It is time for you to play and have fun!

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